What's New: Act v18 for Web

I thought it would be helfpful to spotlight the changes to Act v18's Web client. Act for Web is available (no additional charge)  when you purchase the Premium version of Act!. Listed below are some bullet points that will highlight for you some of the updated features:

Browser Support: The Web version of Act! is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.0.1, Firefox 3.6 and Chrome v44.0. For the entire list of System Requirements for the Web version of Act, please click here.

(If you want to  login and try a live version of Act v18 for Web. Click on this link to try it out. Login in as Chris Huffman and no password.)

Enhanced Administrative Capabilities: Swiftpage has done a good job here in that your Act in-house administrator(s) can update and maintain your database in large degree right from their browser. Here are the highlights of what your Act! Administrator can now:

  • Add/Edit/Delete custom fields in the central Act database.
  • Customize the layout (aka screen view) for Act.

Additional Thoughts: You may want to consider setting up Act! 18 for Web if you have distributed users that need a convenient connection your data without any software installation. As long as they have an internet connection, they will have their Act data conveniently in their favorite browser.

Differences (or Limitations) of the Act for Web: When considering using AFW, users want to know not just the similarities to the regular Act client, but what AFW can't do in that it is browser based. Although this is not a comprehensive list, I wanted to hightlight a few items for consideration.

Act for Web can't:
  1. Use function keys provide  the Right click functionality.
  2. Backup or restore databases
  3. Synchronize Act! data with handheld device
  4. Scan or combine duplicate records
  5. Create an Activity series
  6. Send a email via email template
For the full list of differences between Act! and Act for Web, click here:

I do not want to in any way dissuade you from utilizing Act for web, but rather give you a realistic picture  as to the  difference between the two product versions so that you can choose the right one for the right type of employee. Act! for web is an excellent Web client by itself or as a compliment to an Act! Premium configuration already setup on a server.
A closing thought.... Act! for Web can be configured to integrate comprehensively with a local copy of Outlook. Even though this is not a new feature, it bears repeating because the ability to integrate  in today's business world with Outlook is critical. You can send emails from Act using Outlook, your can view Outlook email history in Act, synchronize contact and calendar with Outlook and more.

So there it is... the case considering the new Act v18 Web client. Please provide feedback once you take a closer look.