Act! for the Web

ACT! for Web allows you to work with your Act data conveniently from your browser. This option is ideal for people who travel often and want to access their data from any computer. It also proivdes the ability to setup  employees who work remotely within minutes. Once the Act for Web is configured on the server, all your employees need is the web address and login info. Get them to work in minutes. You can also use what is called a Dual License (no extra charge, that is) in  which you can use the full featured Act program on your work PC and have the additional convenience of Act for the Web when you are on the road.

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What exactly are thedifferences between Act! on the PC vs.Act for Web? Click here for the list.

Login to a live copy of Act! for Web v16 to test drive it (login is Chris Huffman... there is no password)

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