Crystal Reports for ACT!

Analysis that better guides business

Crystal Reports has name brand recognition in Corporate America for good reason. If you are already using Crystal Reports, there is no reason why your ACT! users can't take advantage of this powerful and flexible report writer.

Crystal ReportLet's take a look at some of the reasons you would use Crystal in conjunction with ACT!. You may have spent a lot of time designing your database to support your companies’ sales process. Consider the value in analysis of that data to help you grow faster and smarter. Below are some areas where Crystal Reports can provide excellent analysis with your ACT! data:

  • Lead quality analysis: What type of advertising is worth your investment?
  • Zoom in on specific components of your pipeline to better project which deals will close.
  • Pre-sales performance of one sales rep compare to another;  Crystal can produce side by side tables comparing calls, meetings etc between reps.
  • What is the sales performance of specific products in a particular region?
  • And many others.

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In the section below, we describe the basic steps we follow to scope out and deliver a report.

  • Needs assessments:  In a sales analysis capacity, we will discuss your requirements and produce an estimate
    • More sophisticated reports and supporting technology may require scope time to fully develop the blueprint.
  • Finance Options: Programming of the report can be provided hourly or flat rate. We will explain the various financial options to you to find the most suitable arrangement.
  • Delivery: Linking the report to your Act system.
  • Options: We will provide you with options such as:
    • Installing your own copy of Crystal
    • Linking products that allow you to run the report from Act without purchasing Crystal such as: Crystal Clear Provider and Crystal Clear Essentials
  • Training: Orient you or your staff on your report.

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To learn more about how MIS can help you get the most out of your reports give us a call at 800.550.4647.  You can also fill out our Online Form to have a qualified consultant contact you to discuss your requirements. Your initial consultations is always at no charge.