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Comprehensive knowledge of Act is only the foundation for effective training. Our instructor is a seasoned educator with classroom experience from academia to Corporate America. Understanding individual learning styles as well as appropriate teaching methodology will insure that you will be taught (rather than hear a recitation of technical jargon). Having observed the typical communication problem between technical insiders and students, we remain committed to adapting the pace and content to where you currently are in the learning process.

Act training can deliver significant ROI. Even the most impressive Act installation cannot deliver its potential unless the users understand not only how to use Act, but their specific role in the business process. Often, training is not given as much weight or budgetary consideration as the development side of a project, but this can prove to have less then desired overall results.

Lastly, we can train you in our training facility, at your office or remotely using Citrix online tools. We can put together custom curriculum or utilize existing Act training classroom guides. Call today to talk with an Act Certified instructor to customize a training program specific to your requirements. (561-387-1572)