Our Trainer's Resume Highlights

Jordan Ofri Classroom Teacher turned Corporate Trainer: It stands to reason that a former professional school teacher will provide better results then those who know the technology but not necessarily the 'how to of teaching.'


More about Jordan's Academic Career

  • Corporate America: 1994 - Present, Jordan has used a classroom educators approach to training in the corporate arena. The ability to understand and differentiate his students’ learning style and capability have produced effective training that has been remarked by many attendees. Jordan has trained in a variety of training environments from one-on-one to small class rooms to larger setups of approximately 50+ students.
  • CompUSA: 1992 Jordan was hired as Training Manager to kickoff the new training department in the Deerfield Beach, FL CompUSA. He not only ran the business side of the training department but trained on many of the popular business applications of the day.
  • Troywood Learning Environment: 1986 -1989 Jordan taught computer literacy and programming in a private school setting. As Head of the Computer Dept, he also developed a custom internal curriculum to meet the needs of a special population. This training experience was his foundation for successful professional training which focuses not only on the material being disseminated but also the skill of teaching itself.
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