Remote Training and Consultation

ACT Training and Consulting across the Nation and around the World.

GoToMeeting ButtonGoToMeeting and GoToAssist Services has enabled us to remotely support and train individuals and companies nationwide and beyond..

Using the latest technology, MIS provides remote ACT training and consultation. These two web based services from Citrix in combination are suitable for nearly all training, consulting and support requirements, whether you are around the corner from our office or across the globe. And there is no software for you to buy!

GoToAssist ButtonWith GoToAssist, we can join you "virtually" and quickly at your desktop and either talk you through tasks as we observe, or - with your permission - take control of your desktop to resolve technical issues and show you how to complete tasks. GotoAssist is more installation and support oriented. We can reboot  and log back into it work unattended if so desired. GoTo Meeting , by contrast, is better oriented for training and can host a class of upto 16 students simultaneously.

Remote Training

Benefits of Online ACT Training, Consulting and Support Using GoToMeeting or GotoAssist.

  • Faster resolution of issues - no travel time.
  • Shorter session commitment: Minimum 15 minutes vs. 2 hours for an on site session
  • Long-distance consulting and training
  • One to one or one to many sessions*
  • Training and consulting with multiple people at multiple locations* simultaneously
  • Save consultant travel charges
  • No special software to buy

*There is no additional charge for up to 16 participants. Call 561-287-1572 for details.